Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services

A “fiduciary” is a person who is charged with the management and operation of a qualified retirement plan. Plan sponsors must pay particularly close attention to their fiduciary responsibilities which involve personal liability, complex laws and regulations, lack of fee transparency, conflicts of interest, and increased scrutiny by investors and regulators.

Our services are designed to potentially reduce fiduciary risk and help plan sponsors address both IRS and Department of Labor compliance requirements. We can assist plan fiduciaries address possible personal and corporate financial liability by evaluating and managing risks, while seeking to enhance plan participants’ retirement readiness.

  • Investment Policy Statement Development

A written Investment Policy Statement is the proper way to demonstrate a thoughtful process and make well-informed, prudent investment decisions. We assist in developing the Investment Policy Statement and determining the investment option selection process and ongoing review.

  • Plan Benchmarking

We can provide an analysis of fees and make comparisons of fees compared to other companies of a similar size (assets and number of participants). This will provide you with an understanding of the level of competitiveness and comprehensiveness your services and fees are for your plan. ERISA dictates that fiduciaries determine that the plan fees and expenses are reasonable for the services provided. We coordinate the process of reviewing fees and assure that any investments meet the standards established by your Investment Policy Statement.

  • Investment Due Diligence

Market volatility makes it critical for retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries to develop, maintain, and document investment due diligence procedures. We use Plan Benchmarking and Monitoring in the development of the Investment Policy Statement and uses Metrics, Reporting and Analysis to confirm that investment performance adheres to your Investment Policy Statement.

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