Estate Preservation and Planning

Estate Preservation and Planning

Planning for the transfer of assets at death is a critical element of retirement planning especially if there are survivors who are dependent upon the assets for their financial security. We endeavor to ensure that all available planning tools are implemented according to the owner’s wishes to facilitate the disposition of assets while minimizing administrative costs and taxes.

Planning for estate transfer can be as simple as drafting a Will, which is essential to ensure that assets are transferred according to the wishes of the decedent. Larger estates may be confronted with settlement costs and sizable death taxes which could force liquidation if the proper planning is not executed.

Our firm specializes in the process which encompasses the accumulation, conservation, and distribution of an estate. We work in conjunction with attorneys who specialize in estate planning to organize the effort to address all components of a client’s estate plan, which is an evolving process.

The ultimate goal in estate planning is to develop a plan which will enhance and maintain the financial security of clients and their families, according to the wishes of the estate owner, while minimizing administrative costs, transfer costs, and taxes.

Estate planning is a part of lifetime financial planning; the goals are to increase the value of a client’s estate, conserve existing assets, have financial security during the retirement years, and to facilitate the intended and orderly disposition of property at death. A key component of the estate planning process is to assist in the Wealth Transfer process, for transfer of assets during the life of the client and at a client’s death. Incorporating the concept of Charitable Giving to reduce estate taxes can be an effective and rewarding endeavor.

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